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Why You Need A Wedding Album

Our current generation is often called the “forgotten generation.” I don’t know about you but that name makes me incredibly sad! If you haven’t heard that term before, let me break it down a bit. Hint: the way to solve it is through the print.

We are often called this because of how we capture and save memories. Before digital photography and cell phones, images were captured on film, developed, and processed then placed in albums that would be passed around during the holidays or pulled out when you had a desire to look into the past. Not only were these pictures passed around the dinner table and when girlfriends were brought home for the first time, but passed down through generations as a memory of relatives that came before us and stories that defined our heritage.

Why You Need A Wedding Album

Now, what do you do with images? You snap a quick photo on your iPhone and it goes into a library of thousands of, let’s be real, pointless images of food, coffee, selfies, etc. Then what? We never look at them again or quickly delete them to make room for more. Sadly, our generation has lost the art of images.

Why You Need A Wedding Album

Technology is ever changing but albums are not. Frankly, technology fails! I have lost so many images over the years because of technology, but not once has my family lost my parents’ wedding album that is still in the coffee table drawer. I love being able to reach down and pull out the leather-bound album and flip through the images that showcase my mother’s puffy sleeved gown and gigantic wedding cake (it had bridges!). I don’t want to be the “forgotten generation.”

Why You Need A Wedding Album

That’s where I step in and say there is POWER IN THE PRINT! Print your most prized images (aka your engagement, wedding, newborn, anniversary, etc.) Please, print them. These are the memories that you will want to look back on and share with generations to come.

Why You Need A Wedding Album

All of my brides opt in for an album filled with their wedding photos. Why? Because they understand how much more an image means when it is showcased in a gorgeous album that they can easily pull out and share with family or sit with as a couple as a reminder of their special day. I love designing albums and I will keep designing albums for all my brides because I see the power it has.

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